We are doing this Internet QUIZ , just for Fun. But that’s not just about it , we want people to know how well do they know the Web..? Most of us educated people work with our computers almost on a daily basis , but still we are quite unaware of many things that are going there online.

Just answer those questions , don’t bother , whether it is Right or Wrong , there are no prizes for those who are getting it Right , while you are about to  lose nothing for getting it Wrong…All this is meant to collect some Data , which will be displayed as Results in Bar & Pie Charts page. What is best is that you can view in our Results in Bar & Pie Charts webpage , as to how many visitors got it Right as against those who got it wrong. So just answer them.

So just go ahead & answer them.

What you need to know is that we are an Internet Consultancy , as is the nature of our work , we educate people who own Small Businesses , more & more about the internet , through this Internet QUIZ we also want people to know as to how many people know , as to how much about the internet..

Ok , so Why Answer this QUIZ …?  Ok , then Are you a Businessman seeking out , International Markets ..?

We have prepared this Internet QUIZ , especially for those people who seek to expand their businesses internationally , with special focus on China , Korea & Japan ( ASEAN Nations ). All these countries located in the far East , are a quite  isolated from English speaking world , lot more than other non-English speaking countries. This might be surprising to most of us , given the fact that all are rich & technologically quite advanced. It’s true but language is not only a major barrier when it comes to communication but can also a barrier when it comes to internet.

We in India , use the latest browsers , we use the latest operating system , we also use most popular  search Engines ,  this is because we are a part of English speaking world , even when it is not the first language to most of our population , we are still very much a part of it. Our ability at English puts us at this advantage.

But when you look at countries like China ( & other ASEAN Nations ) , you will be surprised that they still use Computers & Internet technologies that are otherwise considered outdated in English speaking World.

While answering this Internet QUIZ , you will also come across some startling facts about other Non –English speaking countries , as to how different their internet habits are from ours..

So finally if you are a businessman , seeking out international markets  , then you must definitely need to have some good idea about their internet habits ..

So go ahead & Answer this Internet QUIZ..

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